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The Fountain House “Yell!” theme for the 75th anniversary call for artwork inspired me to think about my emotional mind. I’ve been exploring my emotional mind by searching my soul, taking reference photographs, drawing and painting. I call my selfies emotional mind portraits versus just self-portraits because they describe my mind’s internal experiences. Along with the emotional mind portraits, I often paint abstractly to help capture my various internal moods.

Sometimes my emotional mind is overly active to the point of diminishing my reasonable mind and my wise mind. These three minds come from Dialectical Behavior Therapy. DBT is a technique used to help people accept themselves. Once you accept yourself, it is easier to manage your emotions and move forward.

The process of choosing the words and images for my art projects and the hands-on experience of actually making these artworks is cathartic for me. Art making can reduce stress and anxiety, improve your moods, and enhance the quality of your life.

People like me with mental dis/Abilities often hide in our society because of a lack of understanding about mental illness, therapy, medicine and psychiatric hospitals. We would save more lives and the quality of people's lives if we were more open about mental health issues. Instead we who suffer are often isolated, misunderstood, and feared. I say “Hide NO More.”

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