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How can observing lines and shapes create a calming meditative space for the viewer? My artwork is about attempting to create a safe, relaxing, and peaceful space for myself and the viewer. A space that is free of the man-made problems that we face in the world today like for example poverty, gun violence, discrimination, global warming, world hunger and political suppression.

My artwork is not just about the final images, but also about the peaceful process of creating the drawings. A viewer can see this soothing process in the lyrical lines that I create on the surface of the paper. I attempt to distill the complicated objects I observe into playful and peaceful patterns of lines and shapes dancing on my paper.

Another way I seek peace is by choosing to draw moments that I find serene. Tranquil moments rejuvenate me and hopefully the viewer as well. I work from my imagination, from observing life, and from observing my own photographs. I closely observe what is around me and attempt to capture the world’s fleeting beauty.

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