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The Fountain House “Yell!” theme for the 75th anniversary call for artwork inspired me to think about my emotional mind (DBT), which is overly active to the point of diminishing my reasonable mind and my wise mind. This is one problem I struggle with daily. I hope to continue exploring my emotional mind in my art even though some of the images I create are very moody and can scare me. There’s no avoiding these moods. They are a huge part of who I am whether I want them to be or not.

I’ve been exploring my emotional mind by searching my soul, taking reference photographs, drawing and painting. While creating, I feel out of control with what my artwork will ultimately communicate for me and to others. For example, in “Hide NO More #6,” I set off to make a very hopeful and happy picture, but what came out is only slightly hopeful and very sad. As artists create, the subconscious can surface and take over and silently affect our artwork’s outcome.

People like me with mental dis/Abilities often hide in our society because of a lack of understanding about mental illness, therapy, medicine and psychiatric hospitals. We would save more lives and the quality of people's lives if we were more open about mental health issues. Instead we who suffer are often isolated, misunderstood, and feared. I say “Hide NO More.”

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