Illuminated Letters: I love teaching art, writing lessons sequences, assessing the students and myself, creating curriculum calendars and maps. I love arts for arts sake, interdisciplinary lesson sequences, and lessons that educate students about different national and international cultures through out the history of art.

One example of an interdisciplinary lesson sequence of mine is my sixth grade illuminated letter book project. The LREI sixth graders study the Medieval Times in their core classes. In the art room we first looked at and talked about medieval creatures. My students created their own creatures for their own personal reasons. Then we looked at medieval illuminated letters. The students were challenged to combine their first initial with their creature. The creature could become the letter, be around the letter, or be inside the letter. Lastly we looked at medieval border designs and the students created an appropriate border design for their illuminated letters.

While we were working on the illuminated letters, the sixth graders were reading Beowulf for another class. They understood how Grendel was a misunderstood monster. My students wrote paragraphs about how it was hard or easy to be their creature in their illuminated letter design. The images and words were then put together in a hardback book and an on-line magazine. Below is the link to the book.

view project documented by LREI