To Whom It May Concern,

... In my career, I have not met a more earnest educator and this is reflected in her work with students.

Meg is truly at home in the art classroom and structures her lessons and the culture of the art space to meet the diverse needs of her students. She is equally adept and pushing her most able students to take on new challenges as she is at helping her more hesitant students to discover their potential as artists and learners.

Whenever possible, Meg has looked for opportunities to connect the work in her class with the themes and concepts being explored in other classes. This is on top of the already significant number of integrated units that are part of the curriculum. When students in the music class were creating original compositions and exploring the concepts of dissonance and consonance as they relate to harmony, Meg saw this as an opportunity to explore these concepts in the art room. As a result, students created paintings inspired by the harmonic relationships in their compositions...

Meg is an active and thoughtful contributor to our grade level meetings, divisional meetings and departmental meetings. She is a reflective practitioner who is focused on her continued growth as a teacher and learner. In this spirit, Meg recently presented at the NYSAIS Teaching with Technology conference about how she uses digital media presentation tools in the classroom....

Mark Silberberg
Middle School Principal