[email from parent to principal]

... I think that the "Doodle Wall" also showed Meg's appreciation of each student's unique contribution within a collaborative framework. The students were so "lit up" by that first project - both the boys and the girls - as they responded to Meg's approach.

In fact, when I visited Meg's classroom in the Fall, I observed that the students were truly collaborating productively across "difference" in a way that we aspire to in every classroom but is not so easily achieved. Meg had grouped the students and structured the assignment in such a way that many students were successfully collaborating across conflicting styles.

It was noteworthy that each group's project was progressing, the students were cooperating with each other in a friendly way and they expressed satisfaction with what they accomplished as a group by the end of class. For example, Daniela and Rose were paired in what I saw as a "tortoise and hare" partnership that worked really well.

... I know that I have said this before, but it bears saying again; I think that Meg is truly a gifted, dedicated progressive teacher and that she puts into practice this power of collaboration across people and disciplines ... As a result she has facilitated remarkable creativity and self-expression in the students and helped "build community" in many ways.

For this and her earnestness and enthusiasm, she is very well-loved... I have heard warm praise from students and parents alike... I think that this aspiration holds high praise for our school's progressive pedagogy and the way Meg puts it into practice.

Warmest regards,
E Coleman